Berkeley Arts Council Elects Board, Adopts Bylaws

Text of the press release:

For Immediate Release
October 9, 2009

Berkeley Arts Council Elects Board, Adopts Bylaws

The Berkeley Arts Council has elected its first Board of Directors and completed the process of finalizing and adopting its bylaws.

Malinda Shaver, who was a co-chair of the organizing committee, was elected President of the Board. Shaver said “We are really excited about the quality people that have been attracted to our new organization. The Board members and several others who will be working with us bring an incredibly strong skillset to bear on the task of building a great resource for Berkeley County.”

The other officers are Barbara Bradley, Vice President; Paula Frank, Treasurer; and Rip Smith, Secretary. Other Board members are Leia Wood, Lori Rea, and Kristin Nelson.

Shaver said “The Arts Council continues to reach out to a wide range of artists, community leaders, and arts organizations with the proposition that if we all work together we can build a robust arts community based on communication and collaboration. We are seeking ways to support existing programs and institutions, and innovative ways to amplify the arts in the whole community.”

Co-chair Rip Smith added, “We have seen how arts councils have helped to build successful arts communities in neighboring Morgan, Jefferson, and Hampshire counties. We felt it was time to fill the gap and bring Berkeley County in line with our neighbors.”

The goals of the Berkeley Arts Council are to champion the arts in Berkeley County, to support practicing artists and local art organizations, to encourage economic development through the arts, and to facilitate the growth of our community into a regional arts destination. The Berkeley Arts Council welcomes members and audiences of every heritage, race, gender and belief; and will enable participation by those with special needs and challenges to the best of our ability.

Information about joining the Berkeley Arts Council is on their web site: