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Berkeley Arts Council to Seek Funding for Local Grant Program

The Berkeley Arts Council will seek funding for the “Amplify the Arts” grant program for implementation in the fiscal year 2011-2012. The program will support smaller arts projects produced by organizations or individuals.

Funding will be sought from various sources, including the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, for re-granting to the community.

The Council is interested in hearing from Berkeley County artists, teachers, and organizations to determine the needs of the community for arts programs. We would like to receive preliminary proposals and letters of intent to apply, the purpose of which is to assess the needs of the community for this kind of support.

We are especially interested in projects that:

We anticipate being able to fund projects up to $1,000 total budget.

Interested organizations or individuals should send a one-page description of their project with preliminary budget and a brief statement of their qualifications to complete the project.

Please mail your information by January 10, 2011 to: Berkeley Arts Council, PO Box 984, Martinsburg, WV 25402. More information:

Those who provide this input will receive the formal application package directly when funding is confirmed.

More details about the Amplify the Arts Grant Program is on the Berkeley Arts Council web site at

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