County Council Declares Arts Appreciation Day


Arts Appreciation Day

March 19, 2011

WHEREAS Berkeley County abounds with opportunities for residents to participate as artists, and to enjoy and appreciate the creativity of both young people and adults; and

WHEREAS our community is made more attractive, pleasant and enjoyable through the creativity of artists, including painters, sculptors, potters, fine craft artisans, photographers, musicians, dancers, and many others; and

WHEREAS learning and participating in the arts promotes mental, emotional and physical well being, and provides important forms of expression and communication; and

WHEREAS the creativity promoted by participating in arts-related activities is an important stimulus for creative thinking in all walks of life; and

WHEREAS the month of March has been designated as National Youth Art Month, and we see the work of our young people on display to remind us of their promising talents; and

WHEREAS local artists and arts organizations are coming together to provide greater opportunities for residents to discover how the arts can enrich their lives, and

WHEREAS the first Arts Expo event in Berkeley County will take place on March 19, featuring performances, demonstrations and hands-on experiences for young people and adults, sponsored by the Berkeley Arts Council and funded in part by a grant from the WV Commission on the Arts,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Berkeley County Council does hereby proclaim that March 19, 2011 shall be designated as Arts Appreciation Day for 2011, to recognize the value of the Arts to our community, the importance of Arts in education and the contribution of the Arts to quality of life for our residents.