Why you should shop at the Holiday Market

1. We offer unique items created by the hands of local artists and artisans. Nothing is mass produced or imported.

2. Claim a 10% discount on everything during our last four days.

3. Yes, four days.  Our hours will be Wed. and Thurs. 12 – 6 pm; Friday 12 to 8 pm and NEW! Saturday 10 to 2 for those who just couldn’t make up their mind earlier.  But that’s all for this year!

4. We don’t offer discounts on overpriced goods to sucker you in to the store.

5. No crowded aisles, no shopping carts, no mammoth parking lots jammed with cars.

6. But you might find a little music and a few cookies!

We hope to see you as we conclude our 2011 Holiday Art and Craft Market. We’re a half block from the town square, just across from the Santa House and the city parking lot.