Berkeley Arts Council Awards Community Grants

Also seeking new proposals.

The Berkeley Arts Council has awarded grants to fund two more projects in its “Amplify the Arts” grant program.

A grant to the WVU School of Medicine will provide funding for a Certified Art Therapist to present a workshop to healthcare students on the history and uses of art therapy in patient care and in judicial arenas. The workshop will be opened to WVU Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine as well as nursing students at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College.

A grant to the Berkeley Community Chorus will support a spring concert to be presented in May at the Westview Baptist Church. The grant will help fund expenses related to the rehearsal venue, music and other supplies, and the stipend for the accompanist.

Also announced is the third cycle of the program. The maximum grant amount has been increased to $750.00 and proposals will be accepted until February 25, 2013. Details and application forms are available on the Berkeley Arts Council web site at

Space Still Available for Art Classes

Space is still available for the art classes that start the week of January 7. Evening classes for adults begin with five six week courses:

  • Pottery/Handbuilding taught by Hilda Eiber
  • Introduction to Oil Painting taught by Terry Knill
  • Jewelry Design taught by Stephanie Godley
  • Introduction to Watercolor Painting taught by Anna Hogbin
  • (Daytime) Art Exploration class for homeschoolers taught by Terry Knill

Registration is open now one the web at,  Payment of $75 per person may be by check or credit card. Registration for each series of six two-hour classes is first come, first served. Courses are designed for adults and young people ages 14 and up.

With the cooperation of MBC Parks and Recreation, the Pottery class takes place at the War Memorial Pool Building on Monday evenings. Other classes will take place in the Berkeley 2000 building at Lambert Recreation Center.

The details are on the Berkeley Art Council web site.