“Zentangle” Drawing Workshop with Mary Klotz

zentangleThe Berkeley Art Works at 116 North Queen Street in Martinsburg will present an Introduction to “Zentangle” Drawing this Sunday from 1-3:30, taught by Mary Klotz.

Zentangle ® is a drawing practice developed by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts that has found enormous popularity. It’s quick to learn the foundations which give rise to complex, intriguing images. Based on a combination of freeflowing forms and structured patterns drawn with fine black markers, it is fun, freeing, engaging, and at the same time relaxing. Zentangle style images have a signature look, yet each are individual and expressive of the maker and can be combined with representational art, words and graphics, or stay entirely abstract. This class is all you need to begin. Zentangle is suited for all skill levels and ages. For more information about Zentangle, see www.zentangle.com.

Details and online registration  on the web at: berkeleyartswv.org/artworks/workshops/

Details and registration forms are also available at the Berkeley Art Works gallery at 116 North Queen Street during regular hours, Thursday 12-5, Friday 12-8, Saturday 12-5, and Sunday 12-3

For more information email berkeleyartswv@gmail.com or call 304-620-7277.

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