Berkeley Art Works Opens Two Exhibits

October 2-26, 2014: Eastern West Virginia Juried Exhibit
Reception Saturday, October 11, 5-7pm

BruceChandler_CoastalRocks-500pxThe Second Annual Eastern West Virginia Juried Art Exhibit will open on October 2 at the Berkeley Art Works in Martinsburg. A reception for the artists will be Saturday, October 11 from 5-7pm in the gallery at 116 North Queen Street.

Juror Diane Sibbison, selected 33 art works from 25 artists out of more than 100 art works submitted from 38 Eastern West Virginia artists. Ms Sibbison said that she “worked to include as many styles, media and subjects as possible and that the selection was difficult due to the many excellent pieces in every media. The resulting exhibition showcases contemporary art, expressing what is best in the creative urge that draws people from many backgrounds to participate.”

October 2-26, 2014: “Dance Works: The Photographs”
Reception Saturday, October 11, 5-7pm

Photo by Rip Smith

Opening October 2, The Berkeley Art Works will present a selection of photographs from the March, 2014 Dance Works Festival. The images capture the sense of grace and movement as well as the concentration and determination of the approximately 100 young women and girls as they participated in a number of Master Class workshops in several styles of Dance.

Photographer Rip Smith started out to document the activities for the Council but found that the intensity of the workshops went beyond a simply recreational exercise. Ultimately Smith decided to finish the images in black and white to concentrate the viewer’s attention on the creative work that was being done. Additional images by Mary-Jo Bennett of the closing performance program are displayed in color.

The two day Dance Works festival was sponsored by the Berkeley Art Council in cooperation with several local dance schools and the Berkeley County Parks and Recreation Department. The event was held at Musselman High School.


Art Works Offers Photography Workshop

The Berkeley Art Works will offer a new workshop taught by photographer Rip Smith entitled “Photographic Composition and Creative Vision.

Saturday October 11, 12:30-4:30; 4 hrs
Composition and Creative Vision Part One

What is it that makes one picture of a particular subject ordinary while another image of the same subject is a work of art? This workshop will explore how composition, light and shadow, form and texture can work together to express something beyond merely recording a scene. The workshop will start with a discussion of the basic concepts of composition and then, through an analysis of some of Smith’s images, will demonstrate how those concepts are applied in practice from conceptualizing the image in the viewfinder to the final adjustments on the computer.  Students who wish to move on to Part Two of the workshop will be given assignments to put the ideas and techniques into practice.

Saturday October 25, 1:30-4:30; 3 hrs)
Composition and Creative Vision Part Two

During the two week interval between part one and part two, Students will take their cameras out to practice the ideas and techniques discussed in Part One. They will bring in a selection of images for discussion and “gentle critique” during the second session.

Tuition: Parts 1 and 2 $90; Part 1 only $60 (Pre-Registration Required)

This workshop is offered by the Berkeley Arts Council and will be held at the Berkeley Art Works, 116 North Queen Street in Martinsburg, WV. Pre-registration is required.

For more information and registration information visit