Art Workshop “Exploring Exciting Background Techniques”

Exploring Exciting Background Techniques

Saturday, June 13; 1-4pm
Instructor: Judith Becker (About Judith Becker)

Everyone who paints can improve their paintings with improved background applications. This workshop introduces a full spectrum of techniques and considerations when choosing the best approach to compliment or enhance the artwork’s subject through the background areas. Workshop covers use of colors, creating I’m pact and moods, and discovering unique textural processes to take a work of art from good to WOW!

Supplies: Workshop learnings apply to all 2 dimensional art materials. Students are to bring all supplies they typically use to create their art. Also helpful will be pencil, eraser, ruler, palette if needed, etc. All other materials will be supplied by the instructor.

Tuition $45. (Pre-registration required)

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(Minimum class size 3)