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June Art Classes Feature New Classes, Instructors

The Berkeley Arts Council’s June class lineup Introduces Janet Hockman, the newest teacher as well as the newest member of the Berkeley Art Works co-op group. Ms Hockman will teach the amazing art of porcelain painting, Wednesdays from 1-4pm starting June 5.

Leah Bennett will teach Ink and Watercolor Sketching Tuesdays from 9:30a,-12:30pm starting June 4. This approach has a light and airy style to the conventional and traditional watercolor techniques. The student will learn to lighten up and have fun. Then on the same Tuesday afternoons, Ms Bennett will offer an encore presentation of the sold out Mixed Media Journaling. So if you missed it last month, now is your chance!

Judith Becker will offer two of her most popular classes on Thursdays and Fridays from 1-4pm. The Thursday class will be “All About Color”, a comprehensive study of color and all its attributes necessary to producing outstanding 2 dimensional art. On Friday, the “Continuing Improvement Art Studio” is an unstructured workshop for art students who want to continue working on their art projects under the guidance of art instructor, Judith Becker. Casual and laid back painting time among company of others who also want to improve their art abilities. Participants are free to paint with any medium. Great way to keep one’s skills sharp, learn from other students and explore techniques not yet tried.

And for the younger set, Jane Ping will teach “Mixed Media Mashup” for children 4th grade and up, Saturdays from 9:00-10:30 for six weeks starting June 22. Students will discover a new art approach each week ! Have fun with handmade papermaking, experiment with ink drawing and colorful painting, get excited about printmaking, and create awesome tissue paper collage.

Class and registration details are on the BAC web site at For more information email

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