Contemporary Printmaking – Juror’s Selections

Congratulations to the following artists whose works have been selected for the Contemporary Printmaking exhibit!

The Juror, Matt McLaughlin, selected 31 works by 22 artists in 17 states from a total of 58 submitted pieces by 26 artists.

The exhibit will be open June 29 to August 6 at the Berkeley Art Works, 116 North Queen Street in Martinsburg, WV. 

Contemporary Printmaking Accepted Works

First Name Last Name Title
Tina Armando Goodnight Monster Under the Bed
Peter Baczek Diagonals
Peter Baczek Network
Linda Behar Diabla L`eon
Linda Behar Warrior
Bill Brookover Rhythm & Harmony
Bryonna Castor Lil’ Bonnie
Bob Conge Portrait of Man Ray
Mitch Eckert Still Life with Inedibles
Mitch Eckert Still Life with Three Plastic Peaches
Ginny Fielding Upper Crust
Ginny Fielding Massage
Anne Finucane Debby’s View
Anne Finucane Sunset, Airport Road
Elizabeth Fontenot Downstream
Elizabeth Fontenot Single Serving
Mark Goodmanson They’re Near You When You Sleep
Robert Howsare wndrng
Kazhia Kolb Quartet 2
Joseph Lupo Lost in Translation Anagrams:  Des…Traces…! Mais de quel animal?
John O’Donnell Vestal Forum Green Screen
John O’Donnell Green Cornice in the Roman Forum
Robynn Smith August #15
Robynn Smith Hill and My Heart #5
David Taylor Gluttony
R.L. Tillman Loving
R.L. Tillman If You Can Keep It
Nic Tisdale di-chot-o-my:  Love/Hate I
Brandon Williams From the Ground Up
Susan Wolsborn Balloon Formation
Elektra Zolnoski Bathypelagic Inflorescence

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