Accepted Artists: ‘My Home Town” Exhibit

Juror Gary Bergel selected 25 works from 15 Artists for the ‘My Home Town’ exhibit, which will be on display at the Berkeley Art Works January 11 through Saturday February 18, 2022.

UPDATE: Exhibit Awards announced.

Below are the selected works:

First Name

Last Name

Accepted Piece

Matias Ardila A Tree Fell on my Face
Suzan Bernier Walkin’ in the Rain
Michael Blankenship Kentucky Tobacco Shop
John Diephouse Happy
John Diephouse In the Heartland (arcade)
John Diephouse To an Uncertain Future
Charles Foye 1309 Run
Charles Foye 1309 and 1947 Dodge
Chris Foye Hidden in the Mountains
Chris Foye Sunset on the River
Genifer Fraser Suburbia the Beautiful 4
Jimmie Kackley Old Martinsburg WV Post Office
Annika Lopez-Audet Stapleton Airport 1982 vs. Stapleton Area 2021
Annika Lopez-Audet Eastlake Church 1919 vs. 2021
Annika Lopez-Audet The Congressional Church 1903 vs. 2021
Julie Mosley Abandoned Memories
Nahami Sampson Stay Focused
madison shetter Yellow Car
madison shetter Bowling
Sterling Smith Roundhouse Panorama
Sterling Smith Westphal Hose Company No. 5
Karen Smith Lonely Veteran
Karen Smith Shenandoah
Kaeleigh White Ambient Spire
Kaeleigh White Dancing Spring Sky