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Don’t be Afraid of Watercolor

Saturday, January 21, 2023; 1-3pm

Instructor: Jeanne Marie McClure (Info)

Students will get an introduction to this often-mysterious art medium. They will experiment with different watercolor techniques such as wet on wet, wet on dry, dry brush, gradients, use of masking fluid, salt effect, sgraffito, lifting and other ways to create with water color.


Watercolor paints (pan or palette) at least three primary colors, watercolor paper, (minimum size 9 x 12), foam board to mount your paper, painters’ tape, variety of brushes including round #6 or #8 and flat. Additional supplies provided by instructor.

Tuition $25 for two hours (2 hours)
Pre-registration required

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Oil, Cold Wax, and Palette Knife painting

Saturday, January  28, 2023; 10:30-12:30, (Lunch Break 12:30-1), 1-3pm (Four hours)

Instructor: Yoyi Fogarty Bennett (Info)

Cold Wax is a medium (paint additive) used in conjunction with many materials. It allows for greater creativity, layering and texture effects.  It feels like painting with cake frosting! In this workshop, the student will explore mixing cold wax with oils on canvas paper and applying it with assorted sizes of palette knife. This technique brings a new dimension to all forms of art, including landscape, abstract, still life and many more.

Supply List for Students:

  • Cold wax paste (Gamblin or other brand name)
  • Canvas Paper (any size)
  • Palette Knifes (assorted sizes/shapes)
  • Old Rags or Paper Towels
  • Palette mixing surface
  • Oil colors + white
  • Masking tape
  • Brayer (to roll paint on surface)

Tuition $60 for four hours
Pre-registration required

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Creating Collage

Wednesdays February 1,8,15,22, 2023; 1-4pm (Four weeks)

Instructor: Jeanne Marie McClure (Info)

Create colorful art pieces by cutting and gluing a variety of paper and ephemera. Students will explore types of material that can be used, making their own color sheets, planning the layout, and choosing a theme for their collage work.


Watercolor paper (12 x 18 is a good size), art journal -if you have one, glue stick (not washable) white glue or matte medium, brush to apply glue, variety of paper with colors, graphics and pictures, box to organize your paper collection (12 x 12 plastic boxes are good) scissors, paint including acrylic or gouache, brushes, colored pencils, sharpener, and foam board to secure your page. Additional supplies provided by instructor.

Tuition $132 for four weeks (12 hours)
Pre-registration required

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