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The common element of successful arts communities is an independent umbrella organization that supports an organized, active, and broadly cooperative arts community. The Berkeley Arts Council was formed in 2009 to provide unified communication, promotion, support and advocacy for the arts community in Berkeley County, West Virginia.

Why do we need an Arts Council?

Artists and community belong together. After the disruptions of the past two and half years, it was very satisfying to reconnect through our Arts Expo on October 8. Visitors meandered and browsed, artists brought their vision and shared it, musicians blended instruments and voices to please our ears, the prized historic Roundhouse venue added atmosphere and a sense of continuity. What more could we wish for?
More of the same — more arts, more music, more theater, more dance, more sharing with the community – and all more often.
That’s why a community needs an arts council:  to bring arts and audiences together. Your Berkeley Arts Council hopes to do that more, and more often, and we need your support to move toward that goal.

A successful arts community provides a rich cultural life for all members of the community and supports a “creative economy” by attracting twenty-first century businesses and the educated work force that comes with them.

A successful arts community provides an environment that supports all kinds of businesses including artists and related businesses, attracts tourism and revenue, and provides income and jobs for artists and artisans.

The Berkeley Arts Council:

The Berkeley Art Works:

The Berkeley Art Works, a project of the Berkeley Arts Council, is the realization of the long-held dream of the arts community in Martinsburg and Berkeley County West Virginia: to have a community-based arts facility that supports local and regional artists, brings quality arts experiences for the members of the public, and provides a wide range of arts learning experiences for local residents, artists, and artisans.

Officers and Board

For more information about the Berkeley Arts Council, email or call 304-620-7277

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Berkeley Arts Council Fact Sheet (PDF)

Berkeley Arts Council 501(c)(3) Exempt Status Letter (PDF)

Berkeley Arts Council Bylaws January 2023 (PDF)

Berkeley Arts Council Payment Request Form (PDF 2023)

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