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Call for Artists and Artisans:

The Berkeley Art Works at 116 N. Queen Street, is the Martinsburg home of the Berkeley Arts Council as well as a select group of local artists whose work is on display and for sale in the Artists at the Works Co-op.

Currently, the Berkeley Arts Council has space available in the co-op for two 2-D artists and one 3-D artist. Artists over the age of 18, working in any medium are encouraged to apply for jurying.

Details below

Judith Becker: Watercolor, Pastels, Colored Pencil

becker_warmglowJudith specializes in painting with colored pencils, pastels and watercolors and often mixes her media for unusual effects. Her subjects mostly are botanical s and scenes from her travels. She is the creator of a unique art form called “Spritzilism”, which involves using botanicals as templates for sprayed watercolor paint. The results produce interesting compositions with lots of sparkling colors and textures.




Gary Bergel: Photography, Mixed Media

As a multidisciplinary artist I utilize various media to explore and depict more universal aspects and elements of nature related to light, sky, earth, wind, water.  Digitally capturing clouds from above while flying shows how photography can be a way of “seeing” and “sketching” for later expressions in acrylic.  Working from a personal blend of Eastern and Western aesthetics, I endeavor to express and reflect the way nature encompasses and “speaks” of beauty, spirituality, truth and divinity.


Joe Bourgeois: Furniture Design, Wood Sculpture

Wood sculptor Joe Bourgeois is fearless when it comes to his art. He crafts decorative objets d’art that help make a house a home, furniture that brings beauty and utility to any space, and abstract sculptures that relate the physical environment to the social one. Joe draws inspiration from everything and everyone around him. “Everything in art is connected together,” he says. “Listen to music. Look at photographs. Look at paintings. Look at sculpture. You’ll get ideas from everything.”

Theresa Fitzpatrick: Encaustic painting; Fibre

My husband and I moved to Falling Waters/Honeywood on the Potomac, June 2021 after forty eight years living in Maryland. I retired in 2015 completing 35 years as a Registered Pediatric Nurse at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC. Fiber Arts has always been a passion for me including weaving, felting and embroidery, For my Felt pieces the wool is cleaned, carded and arranged for the felting process to start. When completed, I apply embroidery stitches. Encaustic painting. Encaustic painting images show an ancient technique by applying pigmented hot honeybee wax to a wood surface.

Martha Hanley: Painting

Expressing visually that of the sacred beauty and mystery of life that  words alone can’t capture is my goal. The fun, exciting creative process of putting paint to paper or collaging mixed media becomes just as important as the final product.  When vibrant colors, textures, shapes come together in simple florals or abstract landscapes to express something unique then I am satisfied and hope that others will be moved by what they see.

Anna Howard: Hand-made clocks

Anna has found her creative niche combining her lifelong love and exploration of crafting and art principles into unconventional mixed media timepieces.   Her artistic approach has grown beyond simple re-purposing objects with an increasing amount of storytelling appearing in the clocks.  The elements of irony, humor, curiosity, remembrance, celebration, levity, and quiet reflection are all important motivators that Anna hopes are expressed through her clocks and by extension brought into daily lives of others.

Doug Kinnett: Painting

Born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1952, Doug Kinnett now lives and works in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. His studio is called Manna Machine Studio, where his focus is on art with abstract, organic forms and geometric shapes; bold colors and imaginative patterns. He creates oil paintings; woodcuts; furniture; and craft items made from ceramics, metal and wood. He holds a Master’s Degree in Painting and a Doctorate in Art Education.




Martha LeRoi: Pottery

Clay has drawn Martha to it for many years and retirement has given her a better opportunity to pursue that yen. Carving porcelain, using her own stamp designs, and incorporating images from nature are key ways that she works.




Susan Parker: Painting, Jewelry

After painting seriously, but briefly, during college, I returned to art  in 1998.  It is now my primary activity, apart from the demands of daily living. As an artist, my goal is to focus attention, if only briefly, on the beauty in the things around us that often escape our notice as we rush about our daily lives. I work in watercolor, oil and pastel, using the medium that best suits my mood and the subject.


Marilyn Schoon: Fused Glass

I started making jewelry as an escape from the responsibilities of teaching English at a highly competitive science/technology high school.  One weekend I took a fused glass class where I discovered the idiosyncrasies of dichroic glass, and I was hooked!  Dichroic glass, originally used for the re-entry tiles on NASA’s space shuttles, transmits one color but when looked at from a different angle reflects another.  I love creating pieces of jewelry, making small plates, and adorning pictures frames with dichroic glass.  It’s said that making jewelry isn’t rocket science, but with dichroic glass it really is!

Sterling “Rip” Smith: Photography


The best description of my work is that I record human activity indirectly. I photograph the results, signs, or aftermath of human activity rather than the activities themselves. The results might be an abandoned farmhouse or a “found” still life. The term “Human Tracks” has been suggested as an umbrella title for my work.


Open Jury Call for Artists: Berkeley Art Works

Berkeley Art Works Jury Form 2022  (PDF file – Right-click to download)

Berkeley Art Works Co-op Member Agreement 2022  (PDF file – Right-click to download)

(Click to download) Co-op Inventory Form (Excel Spreadsheet – XLS)

(Click to download) Co-op Inventory Form (Excel Spreadsheet – CSV)


Our co-op artists agree to:

  • Commit to an initial minimum 6-month term of membership.
  • Become a member of the Berkeley Arts Council and pay annual dues.  Individuals: $35; Seniors (62+): $25, Students $15. Dues are payable in January each year, or upon acceptance to the co-op.
  • Pay co-op membership space fees.  Fees are due twice/year in January and July, and vary depending on the type of work the artist displays.

Responsibilities in the Gallery:

Work to be Juried:

Potential members will be required to attend an in-person jurying session and be accepted to display in the co-op.

I’m Interested!  What’s Next?

Questions?  Send us an e-mail at, or call 304-620-7277.

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