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Arts Participation Survey

We need your input to guide our own planning and goal setting, but here’s another reason for the effort. We learned in July that the county council is about to approve a ten-year “comprehensive plan” that includes barely a mention of the arts, let alone any specific support. Historic buildings and recreational facilities are well covered.

We are waiting to see the final document, due this month, to see if the input we provided in August has had any impact. The county’s website is still displaying the pre-July draft version of their “Plan”.

The Berkeley Arts Council will share a summary of relevant information with our community partner organizations and planning groups. Artists of every sort need to put their interests and needs on record. Residents benefit when the county offers a rich cultural environment.

Your responses are completely anonymous and the survey only take a couple of minutes.

Survey is closed. Watch for new survey soon.

Please forward this link to neighbors, local organizations, Facebook friends, anyone with an interest in giving arts activities a more vital role in community life.

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