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Creative Art Group Exhibit

August 3-26, 2023

Berkeley Arts has supported the Creative Arts Group of 12 members who find inspiration and constructive support by creating their art together each Thursday afternoon at the Martinsburg Library or at plein aire sites around the area.
This weekly event at the library emerged two years ago when a group of member artists wanted to create regularly among fellow artists, but BAC art instruction room was too limiting to accommodate the number of people who wanted to participate.  It was then that the group was made aware of a well lighted large meeting room at the downtown library was available for the public use. It was then that we received permission to use that space every Thursday afternoon from 1 – 4 pm and has been that space ever since, now going into its third year.
The core group of artists consists of Lannie Mullenax, Mary Jo Simms, John Turner, Jeanne Marie McClure, Susan Cranford, Martha Hanley, Louise Janelle, Will Jansen, Martha Rowley, Laura Word, Judith Becker and Paula ?. At each session one can observe diverse media being used to create traditional art such as watercolor, acrylic, pcen, ink, pencil, pastels and collage assemblages plus endless other interesting art pieces of fine art.
The value of the BAC Creative Arts Group is the enjoyment, encouragement and social interaction the participants receive from each other and the camaraderie and sense of support each receives as they explore their individual art journey.
Anyone interested in more information or being placed on a waiting list, as space is limited, please contact Judith Becker.  There is no fee to participate other than to be a member of the Berkeley Arts Council.
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