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Join the Berkeley Arts Council now and help build a vibrant arts community in Berkeley County!

Join to enjoy and support our gallery in downtown Martinsburg. Located at 116 North Queen Street, the Berkeley Art Works is the realization of the long-held dream of the arts community in Martinsburg and Berkeley County West Virginia: to have a community-based arts facility that supports local and regional artists, brings quality arts experiences for the members of the public, and provides a wide range of arts learning experiences for local residents, artists, and artisans.

If you’re a visual artist, artisan, musician, performing artist, or writer, the Council will provide the communication network that will build arts awareness throughout the community and the region. The Council will help build the arts culture that will provide increased opportunities to show or perform your art. The Council will develop grant opportunities, offer programs to help build your business, and promote Berkeley County as a place that is indeed “Alive With the Arts!”

If you are an arts organization, the Council will contribute actively to the success of your organization by providing a broadly collaborative environment to support and promote your activities throughout the region and beyond, identifying potential grants or donations, recruiting volunteers, and developing a clearinghouse for resources.

If you are business owner in Berkeley County, the Council will help to provide the rich cultural environment that will attract tourism dollars as well as attracting twenty-first century businesses and the well-paid and educated work force that comes with them.

If you are a member of this community who appreciates the arts, the Council will expand the opportunities for everyone to view and enjoy a wide variety of artistic work, for your own enjoyment and for the cultural development of your children. The Council will support the production of culturally diverse programming for the public by promoting the arts at the local level, and incorporating art as part of the daily fabric of community living.

We offer the following Membership Levels:

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If you prefer to pay by cash or check, you can join at the Berkeley Art Works gallery during regular business hours (Please see our hours elsewhere on the web site).

We are always grateful for additional donations.

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