Member News

Member News January 2023

As the calendar pages turn, the holiday hubbub quiets. Some experiences are left behind and in exchange we have a new year full of opportunity. This week there are signs of new activity coming to the Berkeley Art Works. The first exhibit titled “My Home Town” is opening in the gallery. Instructors Yoyi and Jeanne Marie assemble a front window display illustrating techniques and ideas featured in the first classes of the new year. Around the gallery table a conference plans for future exhibits. Several board members exchange notes and updates on their responsibilities. A potential new board member arrives for an introductory tour. That’s how our organization prepares to launch 2023.

Like all organizations, BAC evolves over time when there are shifts in the makeup of the group. This year especially we need to fill spaces left by the departure of Sandy Nichols and Annette Verna. Both were board members, and we are grateful for their support for the Arts Expo and fundraiser. They were key in supporting the operation of the co-op. Sandy was membership chair and Annette served as Exhibit Manager and did extensive work in promoting all our activities. We are seeking volunteers for those responsibilities. Email: with the subject “Volunteer”.

The people who follow will have the chance to influence the direction of the Berkeley Arts Council over the coming year or more. Specific areas that need replenishing are promotion, communications, and exhibit development. We need a Facebook guru; an editor for the membership newsletter; a writer for press releases. There are openings on our board of directors, and you can begin by learning how things get done. To find your niche, email If you can help. Write to with the subject “Volunteer”.

BULLETIN:  New classes have been posted on the website, including Don’t Be Afraid of Watercolor, Creating Collage, Cold Wax Painting, Intro to Color Theory; and more are coming. BONUS: there is a mid-winter half-price registration available for Creating Collage. Until January 28, the cost for the four-week class is $66. Register at

Members’ Exhibit:  An annual tradition, all members are invited to display two pieces of their work during an exhibit to be in the gallery From February 22 through April 1.  Specifics are on the website home page.

In another realm, BAC members can develop exhibits for the main gallery or offer proposals for use of the “Back Space”. Some possible themes include work related to:

–A specific geographic area, history or culture
–Human interest themes
— Art created in specific mediums such as fabric; pottery; painting in watercolor, oil, or other techniques
–Photography, sculpture, woodworking, crafts

Exhibits may be curated or juried; local, regional or national. For details on what is entailed write

Another tradition and objective of BAC is to provide educational opportunities. If you are an instructor or simply willing to share your favorite techniques or expertise with others, we are developing workshops and classes for 2023. Email with the subject Classes. A popular interest group of artists who enjoy the invigoration of interacting with others has been meeting this year. Maybe a group wanting to share craft techniques could gather in the gallery.

An important upgrade and update: Starting with this newsletter, watch for some changes in how you receive communications from BAC. We want to keep better track of the interests and participation of our members. Instead of six different spreadsheets with registration lists, we moving to a service called (for some reason!) Wild Apricot. It is an online provider with long experience working with nonprofits on membership management. For instance, we will be moving processes like class registration to the new database. Members will also have access to control the privacy of their information.

It’s going to be a dynamic year as BAC continues to rebuild its programs and activities to pre-pandemic levels. There will be openings for members to help sculpt the future of the arts in Martinsburg. As always, tell us your ideas and ambitions for BAC through email:

Events to note:

“My Home Town” exhibit is now open.

BAC Board meets January 17 by Zoom.

Classes and workshops are starting January 21, 28; February 1, 11.

Co-op re-enrollment for the first half of 2023 is ongoing. New 3D artists encouraged to apply.

We’re gathering energy for a great 2023.  We hope you’ll be part of it!