Photo 21 Accepted Artists Announced


The Berkeley Arts Council announces the accepted artists for the Photo21 juried photography exhibit.

The juror selected 32 images out of 70 submitted from 27 artists in 13 states. Here is the list of accepted work:

First Name Last Name Title
Elaine Alibrandi Passing
Gary Bergel Banana Tracks
Lynne Breitfeller Untitled
Lynne Breitfeller Rabbit in Cornfield
Ginger Brookover Self Portrait
Margaret Clingan Traces
Jamal Davis The Future
Sara Drower The Cook
Gabrielle Flanary Perish
Gabrielle Flanary Escort
Peter Foiles Derek
Brandi Foster The Dance
Sarah Haig Bubbles
Sarah Haig American Dreams: Store
Ellen Hardesty Nectar Noch
Deborah Herndon Tripod  & Mid – Mod
Terri Jackson Whimsy
Elizabeth Kayl Papas Chair
Kirsten Lee Memories and Daydreams
Susan J Mullins Abandoned
Susan J Mullins Twilight On Botany Bay, SC
Paul Murray Enormity
Alice A Newton The Eye
Valerie Ordas Rat Life
Judith Pharr Flights Canceled
Arthur Really April Showers Impressive
Karen Smith Closed Sign
Sterling Smith Heavenly Statue of Liberty
Siobhan Vicens Dupont Circle
Siobhan Vicens Dupont Circle 11
Omar Williams Self Portrait # 5
Kristin Zimet Walnut Planet