About the Berkeley Arts Council

The common element of successful arts communities is an independent umbrella organization that supports an organized, active, and broadly cooperative arts community. The Berkeley County Arts Council was formed in 2009 to provide unified communication, promotion, support and advocacy for the arts community in Berkeley County, West Virginia.

A successful arts community provides a rich cultural life for all members of the community and supports a “creative economy” by attracting twenty-first century businesses and the educated work force that comes with them.

A successful arts community provides an environment that supports all kinds of businesses including artists and related businesses, attracts tourism and revenue, and provides income and jobs for artists and artisans.

The Berkeley Arts Council:

  • is an independent entity that will work for the benefit of the overall arts community without bias for any one organization;
  • builds communication and interaction among arts organizations and with community organizations by means of various activities such as an Arts Bulletin, a web site, and a Speakers’ Bureau;
  • contributes actively to the success of existing organizations by promoting activities, identifying potential grants or donations, recruiting volunteers, and developing a clearinghouse for resources including physical space;
  • supports increased frequency, quality and variety of arts-related events; and facilitate activities that extend arts throughout the community;
  • promotes and advertises Berkeley County arts events locally and within our region;
  • seeks volunteerism, funding and other resources to increase the presence of the arts in the Berkeley County school system;
  • seeks to qualify Berkeley County as a Certified Arts Community by the WV Commission on the Arts;
  • advocates for the arts to local and state government; and seek to open avenues for increased funding for the arts from public and private sources.

The Berkeley Art Works:

The Berkeley Art Works, a project of the Berkeley Arts Council, is the realization of the long-held dream of the arts community in Martinsburg and Berkeley County West Virginia: to have a community-based arts facility that supports local and regional artists, brings quality arts experiences for the members of the public, and provides a wide range of arts learning experiences for local residents, artists, and artisans.

Officers and Board for 2020-2021 Fiscal Year:

President – Anna Howard
Vice President – Annette Verna
Secretary – Susan Parker
Treasurer – Malinda Shaver (Founding Board Member)

Additionally, the following people will serve as board members:

Judith Becker
Jeff Molenda
David Taylor
Jeanne Marie McClure
Sandy Nichols

For more information about the Berkeley Arts Council, email berkeleyartswv@gmail.com or call 304-620-7277

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Berkeley Arts Council Fact Sheet (PDF)

Berkeley Arts Council 501(c)(3) Exempt Status Letter (PDF)

Berkeley Arts Council Bylaws July 18, 2016 (PDF)

Berkeley Arts Council Payment Request Form (PDF)