David Heatwole

(The Berkeley Art Works is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 emergency but we want to continue to support our artists in whatever way we can. We invite you to meet David Heatwole and, when the emergency is passed, come by the gallery to view his work.)

(Written by Annette Verna)

“Life is amazing when you start looking at it,” says David Heatwole, one of the Berkeley Arts Council’s Artists at the Works co-op members and our featured artist this month.

David comes from a long line of artists and he always knew he’d follow that path. He is a trained illustrator and commercial artist. His father, John Heatwole, was a wood sculptor whose work in fantasy and science fiction subjects has influenced his work. As a youngster, David would buy books to read because he liked the cover art. He didn’t realize that later, through his father’s gallery connections, he’d get to see the originals and meet the artists in person! In his early career, he produced drawings, worked mostly with dry or “hard” media, and added paint. Today, his primary medium is paint. One day, in a friend’s garage, he started dripping house paint on cardboard. He’s been a painter ever since.

“I’ve always been fascinated by logos, icons and symbols.” He is always thinking about art; processing the imagery he sees daily and thinking about their meanings and metaphors for life and faith. His work deals with energy, synergy, synchronicity and the metaphysical – the connections that we share, but are beyond what can be perceived by the senses, and perhaps can’t be defined. He sees the negative space as well as the positive space (the unseen vs. the object). Forces are always at work, energy is all around and moving; things are always changing. “I try to explain that nothing is permanent.” The paintings on display at the Art Works are all about the metaphysical realm. They are a mix of studies for his 3-D paintings and some finished pieces, all of which he hopes illustrate the sense of connection he wants to communicate.

David participates in the regular Critique Group that meets at the Berkeley Art Works on the third Friday of each month. “The critique meetings are a good place to be with other creatives; the environment is positive and there’s energy and inspiration to be had from the other participants.” He has always been interested in creating art, collecting art, and bringing artists together to work and show. He enjoys being a member of the co-op and the opportunity to have his work seen by a wider audience. Learn more about David and view the archive of his work by visiting www.davidheatwoleart.com.